Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter

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Light Up In Style WIth Pure Light™️

Finally, an easier and simpler way to use your lighter without constantly running to the store to buy another one. Introducing Pure Light- The perfect all-in-one lighter that keeps you lighting up all year long and saves you money on buying lighters.

This Lighter is built with a lithium-ion battery that is 100% reusable and energy efficient. So you don't have to worry about running out of fuel again. Which means you conserve energy, help save the environment and be able to save money lighters. A true win-win-win.

Made with a protective military-grade guardshell that's shockproof/waterproof. Meaning this thing can take a huge impact and be immersed in water and still come out working perfectly as when you first got it.

USB Chargeable so you never have to keep buying lighter after lighter. Saving you money and energy from constantly going out to the store. Doesn't light during charging or when the lid is closed with 7-second automatic power off. making it safe for you to charge your lighter without burning the house down.

 It's not just our cool and amazing products that keep our repeat customers constantly buying from us time and time again. It's our never-ending dedication to product development and improvements on customer satisfaction to ensure that you get the best experience with us today and a better one the next. Get yours today so you can light up in style.


Safe to use - Overcharge protection, Short circuit protection, and 7-10s automatic power protection to keep you safe and sound

Compact and Windproof - Flameless, Windproof & Splashproof so it can be easily ignited in any weather conditions

USB Rechargeable - No more switching lighters every other day. Just simply charge it with the USB Cord and in just minutes you'll be lighting up again in no time.

Reliable- Created with an over guard protective shell that keeps this lighter protected and intact for years and years before even thinking about replacing it. Instantly saving you hundreds of dollars you've spent over the years on lighters.

Our Guarantee - After you receive it we're so certain that you will love it that if you don't you can send it back. No Hassle. For a full refund.

Shipping- 10 days

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