Profile Copy Gauge

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You ever say to your self there has got to be a better way to copy then this?
We have you covered, copy any shape with our Profile copy Gauge
  •  Profile copy gauge is Standard with a 5 INCH Width.
  • For any fabrication, construction, crafts,  woodworking, auto body, stainless steel, woodworking, tile or any job with contour duplication.
  • Profile copy gauge measures 5 inch/125 mm
  • With exquisite plastic material to stick on the object completely, Designed to go around pipes, round frame, conduits, and many objects.
  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic, durable
  • Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour and then track the shape you need and cut with precision.

Get yours today, just try to copy the right stuff.

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