EDC gear key keychain holder folder clamp pocket multi tool organizer collector smart clip kit bar gadget outdoor camp

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Make your keys organized and easy to find
Tightly holds the keys together and eliminates the frustrating key sound 
Lightweight and solid, you can clip it on bag, backpack, webbing strap etc
Can storage 5 flat keys or less (depends on the key shape and thickness)
Cross Keys can be installed (equal to the thickness of the common keys 3-4pcs)
Technology: CNC cutting & Metal Stamping
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy(Case), Stainless Steel(Screws, Clip)
Size: 75*33mm(2.95*1.3\'\')
Weight: 30gram
Package included: 1 * Key Organizer + Accessories Pack(Screws, Rubber rings)
1PP4 2PP3 3 4


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