Portable Pocket Telescopic Mini Fishing Rod and Reel

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For those ties when you're not officially on a fishing trip buy it would be really easy to do some fishing on your trip.

Aluminum fishing reel with forward and reverse ratchet, stop and drag control is a great gift for fishing enthusiasts or collectors. Its compact, lightweight body fits in your pocket, glove box, briefcase, backpack, etc..  Its suitable for fishing from a boat, a dam, a dock or on ice
The pen-sized fishing rod is extendable, perfect for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient. Closed length: 20.5cm(8.1"). Extended length: 100cm(39.4")


Material: Fibre Glass, aluminium alloy

Color: Yellow,red,silver,blue,black

Closed Length: 20.5cm/8.07"

Extended Length: 93cm/36.6"

Weight: Approx.55g 

Package include:

1 x Fishing rod 

1 x Fishing reel




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